Operations Automation Simplified.

Robotic Process Automation for Chrome using ChatGPT and Computer Vision

use cases
automate anything

Automation Solutions for:

Streamline revenue processes and enhance reporting and forecasting accuracy through comprehensive automation

Payments and Invoices

Automated invoice processing and payment matching using software like quickbooks, stripe, SAP, xero, bill.com and more

Reports on Autopilot

Automatic generation of financial reports and Statements: Hubspot, Zoho Books, FreshBooks, Sage Intacct and more

Seamless Bank Integrations

Integration with Banking Systems for Streamlined Transactions with software like Plaid, MX Technologies, Yodlee and others

Optimize your operations with our CRM automation tools and streamline your processes for increased efficiency

Inventory Management

Automated Inventory Management and Tracking using NetSuite, Fishbowl, Zoho Inventory and more


Streamline your order fulfillment creating automations across ShipStation, ShippingEasy, ShipBob and others

CRM Management

Automate orders and invoice handling across Salesforce, Hubspot, Notion and more.

Increase sales & marketing productivity with our streamlined outreach and lead generation automationa

Auto - CRM Management

Flexible and open-ended integrations with Salesforce and Hubspot, allowing for seamless data transfer and increased efficiency

Email Automated

Effortlessly manage your email communications with automatic email response capabilities and organize your attachments with automated filing

Meeting note CRM Input

Efficiently capture and transfer data from calls to your CRM with automated note-taking - streamlining your workflow and saving you time

Streamline testing processes and reduce errors with automated testing and clickthroughs

Automated AI QA Testing

QA UI testing using AI RPA automates the testing process, saving time and ensuring accuracy while improving overall product quality

Visual Change Detection

Quickly identify and resolve unexpected UI changes during the QA testing process with visual change detection.

Automation Across
Any Platform

An API for anything, use RPA to automate across any platform a person can click on

automate in days

Here's what our
customers are automating

Automate, CRM integrations, invoice filing, email responses, or summarize meeting notes


unstructured document
processing & invoice filing


automatic email responses,
and attachment filing


open ended Salesforce
and Hubspot integrations


automated note taker
and meeting summaries

automations - super fast

Attended and unattended bots within days not months.

Unattended Bots

recurring cloud based bots running processes in background, with enterprise level control

Attended Bots

a user facing copilot for repetitive, complex, or manual tasks

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Build and maintain automations using lasso for a fraction of the price

Traditional RPA Software

$55,000 & Slow

Spend time hiring developers, go to tedious setup meetings, and blow past your project budget.


Setup fees, expensive software licenses


Kludgy no-code developer solutions that no one has time or budget for.

maybe don't
Lasso Automation
super fast
10x Faster

Deploy and maintain custom automations in a matter of hours or days.

1/10th of the price

Simply pay for setup and usage

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